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The Wonderful World of my Dreamy Mind

Imaginative, easily distracted, prone to overstimulation, and occasionally chaotic. Yet, also bursting with creativity, enthusiasm, and insatiable curiosity. I've always sensed a distinctiveness within me, as if I existed in a world not entirely designed for my essence. Through years of struggle, a burnout, an ADD diagnosis, and transformative adventures, I've gradually grown to embrace and adore my unique mind. Now, I find great joy in sharing my experiences, lessons, and tools. Together, within our wonderful community of fellow journeyers and experts alike.

Are you yearning to reclaim harmony in your mind and life? Embark with us on an exploration to uncover the depths of your being ♡

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Shakti mat for deep relaxation

This product changed our lives! Discover the incredible effects of the remarkable acupressure mat. Immerse yourself in profound relaxation and experience unparalleled stress relief, bringing a transformative shift to your overall well-being.

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Scattered Minds by Gabor Maté

Embark on a transformative journey with “Scattered Minds” by Gabor Maté, a book that compassionately explores the complexities of the human (ADD) mind and offers valuable insights for personal growth and self-discovery.

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Weighted Blanket

Experience the comforting embrace of a weighted blanket designed to address the unique challenges and needs of individuals seeking soothing support. Find calm and improved focus with this specialized blanket tailored for enhanced relaxation and sensory regulation.

Wandering Minds, where wisdom meets wanderlust

We understand firsthand the challenges of living with a Wandering Mind. Whether labeled with conditions like AD(H)D or HSP or simply possessing a neurodiverse brain, life can feel like an ongoing quest to find your true path and discover who you truly are. But you know what? It's precisely these challenges that make your Wandering Mind so uniquely powerful.

You've arrived at the right place. Wandering Minds is here to assist you in navigating life. We offer a wellspring of information and inspiration from the most unexpected corners, guiding you to uncover the beauty

and wonders of your own mind. We believe in exploring new possibilities and daring to be curious and different.

Take your time to wander through our website, find inspiration, and make yourself at home. Join our community where you can truly be yourself and feel a sense of belonging. We adore freedom, adventure, personal growth, and connection. Let's embark together on the journey of discovering your unique way of navigating life with a Wandering Mind. We've got you covered!

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About the founder

Wandering Minds was born from the personal journey of the Dutch José Schrijver, who, at the age of 28, received an ADD diagnosis during a burnout. After an extensive two-year exploration of diagnoses, therapies, medications, and alternative healing methods, she embarked on a transformative year-long journey across New Zealand in a camper van. It was amidst the stunning landscapes, adventurous trails through mountains, rivers, and steep ascents that her perspective underwent a profound shift.

ADD is not a disorder. We possess Exceptional Minds that hold immense potential. Through personal development, self-awareness, and embracing alternative approaches, we find peace amongst the chaos.

This platform emerged from a deep desire to share experiences and inspire others, regardless of whether they have an AD(H)D diagnosis or not, to unlock the best of life and harness the extraordinary power of their beautiful minds.

Leuk Leven met ADD oprichter Jose

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ADHD, ADD and procrastination

ADHD and procrastination often go hand in hand. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and is a condition where someone has difficulty with concentration, organization, and planning. Someone with procrastination, delays tasks or obligations. In this article, you will…

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