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Help each other by sharing your story, expertise or experience

At Wandering Minds it is our mission to share tips, life hacks, tools and inspiration for everyone who struggles with attention deficit, concentration problems, (hyper) sensitivity, hyperactivity, sleeping problems, inner turmoil and related symptoms. In this way, more and more Wandering Minds learn to manage their Unique Brain. Neurodiversity is amazing, and we can do so much to support ourselves and each other. We would love it if you help us ! We love sharing stories from other Wandering Minds and experts. In this way we help each other. 

We are always looking for inspiring stories, different opinions, new angles. Some examples:

  • Positive experience stories: how did you learn to manage your Unique Brain?
  • An (alternative) therapy that helps with the symptoms mentioned above (from the perspective of the therapist, coach, facilitator or from your own experience)
  • New perspectives: how do you approach the Unique Brain?

Has a certain (alternative) therapy helped you with your ADHD or high sensitivity? Have you changed your lifestyle? Are you living on your own terms? Are you a therapistdoctor, coach or another expert in the field of brain, mental health, high sensitivity, ADHD and related topics? Then your story is very welcome at Wandering Minds!

Why should you share your story?

  • Sharing your experience helps others
  • You reach like-minded people
  • As a therapist, coach or expert you share your knowledge and reach your target audience
  • With a link to your website, podcast or social media profile you get more visitors and hopefully fans and followers
  • We regularly share the stories on our socials (Facebook community. E-mail & Instagram)


There are a number of conditions that your blog must meet in order to be placed on the website.


It is important that your blog has one main theme. Wandering Minds have a short attention span, so powerful blogs that cover a clear topic are best read.


Use enough subheadings when writing your blog. In this way, the text is easily readable for the target audience.

Other guidelines

  • The blog is unique (and therefore not published elsewhere). When a blog is published in two places, Google sees this as duplicate content. You can write a summary of the blog, with a link to the entire article. We even encourage this!
  • The blog has a minimum of 500 words.
  • Do not advertise in your blog. You can of course tell us what you do, and we will also place a link to your website or social media profile. But the blog should above all be informative, not a sales pitch.

Target audience

You write your story for Wandering Minds: adults with a Unique Brain, who suffer from the following characteristics:

  • Concentration problems
  • Attention deficit
  • (Over)sensitivity
  • Hyperactivity
  • mood swings
  • A full head, worrying
  • Insecurity

But in addition, the Wandering Mind has many positive characteristics. Read all about the Wandering Mind here .

The text of the blog is easy to read, has a clear subject and a simple message. Use short sentences and sufficient subheadings.


Do you have good photos that support your story? 3-5 photos are very welcome! 

The photos must meet the following requirements:

  • The format is landscape (preferably 900 pixels wide)
  • The file type is .jpg or .png
  • The photos are not too big, maximum 150 kb per photo
  • The photos do not violate privacy
  • The photos are free of copyright

Submit your proposal via the contact form

Before we publish your blog, it is checked for readability, spelling and whether it meets the conditions. We will make corrections if necessary.

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